The Zen of Fixing a Flat

I was thinking today about the simplicity of changing a flat. How, at a point, it no longer requires a thought from you. Your eyes seem to speak to your hands without bothering to wake the brain up from its nap.

I had forgotten to repair a slow leak in my front tire so I knew that on the trolley ride home I would want to pump some air in to make the ride up out of downtown easier. About 25 pumps in, I cut the valve stem and that inner tube was toast. Luckily, I carry an extra tube with me when I ride. So I flipped my bike over, took off my wheel and sat in the empty seat at the back of the train.

Then I zoned out and found inner peace in the act of flat repair.

Then I wore my arm out trying to pump 60 psi of air into my tire with my crappy frame pump. Still, totally worth it.

ps: My wife got a new point and shoot camera for her birthday so I've taken the old, crummy one into my bike bag as a way to bring more photos to you, my loyal readers.

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