Bicycle Month

As you may know May is Bicycling Month. To honor this (and to try to make amends for not posting much in the last week or so). I am pledging not to drive for the entire month of May. Also, I'm doing this to make up for the fact that I drove to work on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday this week. Monday I had a good reason (wife's birthday), Tuesday I made a good reason (worried about being late to an alumni group meeting) and Wednesday I pretended that I had a good reason (decided to get my leg checked out again - it is okay). Too much driving this week, so I'm taking a break.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I will not ride in a car (I have in fact already done that). Only that I will need to justify every car ride in public on this blog. All other trips will be taken using my feet, my bike or public transportation (or more likely a blend of the three). I suggest any of you that can, try this out and see how one month can change your life. (He says in a cheesy TV commercial voice.)

So to start here are my justifications for yesterday's automobile trips:
1. I rode with my boss to lunch because he was going there already and I could help get the orders of my other co-workers.
2. I got a ride home from work from a co-worker because he was headed to a hospital (to pick up his dad from a doctors appt.) that is in my area. I accepted the ride because I had already missed the bus that only comes every half-hour and only wanted a ride to the bus station.

On a good note:
I rode to the movies last night to see the "This American Life," 'live' show (it wasn't live on the west coast). Found a place to lock up my bike at the mall that wasn't crazy far away (found a back alley inside the mall and locked it to a handrail) and didn't get any grief from the ticket taker in the theater about bringing in my handlebar bag.

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