Buy a Jersey, Help a Cause

So I probably should have mentioned this last week sometime. The new FatCyclist.com jerseys are on sale now. Or rather that is what I would have written if I was an even competent blogger. They are now sold out, although there are rumors that there might be more coming.

FatCyclist is one of my favorite cycling bloggers. He is the winner of the 2008 Blogger's Choice Award for best sports blog. His family has gotten some terrible news with which they are trying to cope. His wife Susan has cancer and is not long for this earth. I'm not real sure on the specifics and don't really care to be. These type of things scare me because I don't think I could handle it nearly as well as it seems he can. So go to TwinSix (the company that makes his jerseys and other swag) and get a Fatcyclist t-shirt or some other swag (they are pretty sweet looking). Or do yourself a favor and just go read his blog. (Go ahead and click on a few ads while you're there). You won't regret it..

Jerseys that still look to be available are Team Type 1 jerseys (available here). Team Type 1 is a pro racing team that supports finding a cure for diabetes. Some of the riders on the team actually have Type 1 Diabetes which adds another level to race preparedness. They are doing pretty good having taken third at this years Tour de Georgia. Get more info on the team here and here.