Hoofin' It

We all commute by bike for different reasons. I know a big segment do it to save money on gas and to help relieve stress. Turns out bicycles aren't the only way to do that.

KSAT in Pleasanton Texas has a story (link) about a woman who got tired of paying to fill up her truck so she started riding her horse to work.

Her commute is only 4 miles each way which is almost too short for cycling (depending on how much special gear you use, I would personally love a 4 mile commute), but is a great distance for a horse. She and her horse get a little exercise and fresh air. Plus riding the horse helps her relax.

Hutton's boss let her put up a mini-pen behind her work where Tester stays
during the day until it's time to ride home again.

How many of us would love to have a boss so willing to work with you on alternate transportation options. Great Story!

Just a reminder that there is more ways than one to change the world.


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