That is exactly how I feel!

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, How the World Works at Salon.com and the fabulous Andrew Leonard who writes the blog finished up a post about peak oil with the following paragraph:

The high price of oil is a serious economic downer with regressive implications
for the poor and working class, all the world over, but it's also the best
incentive we've got for forcing conservation, improvements in energy efficiency,
and investment in alternate energy technologies. And that's how you prepare for
the age of peak oil, not to mention attempt avoiding the disruptions threatened
by climate change.

It struck me as exactly how I feel about oil, driving and innovations. I know it is gonna hurt, but I cannot see making it hurt more in the future by making it hurt less now. It makes much more sense to tackle the root of the problem so that at some point in the future there won't be any pain at all.

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