News Roundup - 4/17 (and a rant)

Not much today. Here is a story about a city's plan to teach cyclists to lock their bikes (to keep them from being stolen) by locking them up themselves. Somehow I doubt they also drive around putting boots on people's autos to help keep them from being stolen.

And for the most despicable story of the...well as long as I've been blogging. Two reports (here and here) about a cyclist getting hit by joyriders (the car was found later a few blocks away on fire). The despicable part is that drivers on the road simply drove around him and likely in one case over him (breaking his legs) ignoring the fact that he was dying. By the time a pedestrian noticed and called for help, he was dead.

This is why I hate cars! Inside a car you feel insulated from society and your fellow man. It is very easy in a car to blow past people lying in the road or even just people with a flat on the side of the road (I'll admit that I'm guilty of this too). On a bike, I've never passed someone who might be in trouble without stopping to see if they need help. And every time I've been stopped on the side of the road fixing a flat, no cyclist has passed me without offering help.

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