News Roundup - 4/15

Today's first story is a great article from worldchanging.com about how suburban housing isn't as cheap as you think. They link to a map by the Housing and Transit Affordability Index that graphically shows what housing costs when you figure in a daily commute to the main part of town. Turns out living in the McMansion in the burbs costs a lot more than living the city.

Then 2 great stories about communities supporting bicycling and public transport. First a new free rent a bike program on the campus of Ohio State University available to students, faculty and staff. Story by way of The Lantern of Ohio State University. Secondly is a story about the Capital District Transportation Authority of Albany, New York giving away 5000 free transportation passes that can be used on April 22nd. The Times-Union also mentions that the passes can then be planted because they are imbedded with wild flower seeds.

Next, The Minnesota Daily reports on the acquittal of Augustin Ganley on charges of assaulting a police officer. Ganley was participating in a Critical Mass ride and was one of 19 people arrested. The officer accused him of yelling at him and then throwing a punch. Many riders had cell phone cameras that were taking video of the event which proved pivotal to the defense.

And finally we give you this, a story about a unicycle being stolen from the circus.

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