Back in the Saddle

Got my bike out of the shop this weekend. I love how it rides right out of the shop, so smooth and quick braking. The wife and I rode what will become her route to work so that she could get a feel for it, find out how long it takes, etc. Pretty good ride, similar to the route I took last year when I was working in the same area. Stopped at Jamba Juice before turning and coming back and generaly just enjoyed the sunshine and company.

We also stopped at Home Depot and picked up some seeds for our container garden. So far we have a standard tomato plant some sage seeds planted and some strawberry seeds planted. We picked up some basil, thyme and cherry tomato seeds. The basil we’ll be planting in shifts so that we have some all summer long. The cherry tomatos we’re going to plant in a hanging container and have the vines and tomatoes hang from the pot instead of needing to cage them.

Got to ride to work again today, felt pretty good, although I was still a little saddle sore from yesterday’s ride. Made much better time than I expected too, so that’s fun. Also, I might have convinced the new guy at work to give our transit system a try.

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