News Roundup - 4/11

Mangalorean.com is reporting (here) about the emerging electric bike market in Germany. There are two main types being sold there pedelecs and e-bikes. The pedelecs are lower powered and treated as bicycles according to law. The e-bikes are higher powered and require insurance and a licence, like a light moped.

The Press-Enterprise has a story promoting the Chad Zeller Memorial Walk that will be happening in Riverside, CA in May. The funds raised from this walk supports several programs including child bicycle safety. They also give out several hundred helmets to kids who participate every year. The event is organized by the parents of Chad Zeller who was killed when he was struck by a car in 1991 (he would have been 28 this year).

Finally, we have a story from The Murray State News (here) about the how the school is considering putting in bike only (no pedestrian) paths throughout campus to improve safety and convenience. It is nice to see that they are looking forward rather than taking the easy route of just banning bikes on campus. Which reminds me, I hope they get around to putting bikes on campus at San Diego State someday (instead of not allowing bike riding on campus). Luckily there are people working on making that happen according to an (old) Daily Aztec article.

In some personal news, I get my bike back from the shop tomorrow and will probably take it for a decent length ride. On the downside, I have YET to hear from the claims adjuster from the insurance of the driver who hit me. This is really not the best way for them to handle this (he says getting ever angrier).

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