Wednesday is “Pick up Some Trash Day”

Starting today and continuing on all following Wednesdays I will be observing “Pick up Some Trash Day.”

“Sounds great, but how do you celebrate?” you say. Well, start by getting a bag of some sort (preferably not a brand new store bought one). Then go around your neighborhood or on your way to or from somewhere, pick up the trash that you see. Trash in the gutter, trash in the planters, trash on the sidewalks and paths. Fill up your bag and then give yourself a pat on the back. Just be sure to wash your hands first.

Tomorrow Morning’s Weather believes that part of commuting by bicycle and public transportation is developing a sense of community that has been lost from the American psyche over the last few decades. That is why I promote things like “Pick up Some Trash Day,” guerilla gardening (info coming) and building relationships with your neighbors.

So do some good in your neighborhood or on your commute and pick up some of that trash.