Getting Buzzed

Well, it was bound to happen. I knew from reading and just common sense that eventually I would almost be hit by a car. I was riding on B street in the tunnel underneath San Diego City College. This stretch of road has parking along the curb so the lane is too narrow for cars to pass cyclists, but there are 3 total lanes. Due to the conditions, I rode down the center of the right hand lane; there was little traffic so it would be easy for drivers to change lanes to pass me and there was still 300 yards before the signal to change lanes if a right turn was necessary.

The motorist that chose to pass me did so significantly over the speed limit (I’m guessing they were traveling 55 mph and accelerating). They passed within a foot of my body. My instinct kicked in before I realized what happened; I began to swear in a tone and volume that is usually reserved for referees at college basketball games.

The funny part is that I had commented, just yesterday, on the Commute By Bike blog post about “Claiming the Lane.” (http://commutebybike.com/2008/03/18/top-5-reasons-to-claim-the-lane-and-why-its-safer/) It would figure that in doing that very thing today, I would get buzzed by some jaggof.

Those of you that are drivers, I implore you, give cyclists room.