Do the Test - Reaction

Spoiler Alert!!! If you have not watched the video linked in my previous post, go watch it before reading this entry!

I’m going to start by assuming you had the same reaction I did when it the video finished: “No freaking way that was there the first time!” and then reloaded to page to watch it again. Of course, it was there all along. This kind of shock is perfect for making people think about what they are doing. It also shows the importance of making yourself stand out as a cyclist so that hopefully you can grab the attention of an inattentive driver.

Things you can do to make yourself more noticeable:

  • Flashing lights
  • Bright Colors
  • Bells or Whistles
  • "Claim the Lane"

I’ll be discussing most of these over the next couple of days (does bright colors really need a description?).