Blinky lights or constant lights?

I know there is a lot of controversy over whether to use blinking lights or constant lights when riding at night (or even day). Some people say that the blinking lights are more noticeable, others that blinking lights are distracting and the lights should be constant.

I’ve developed my own theory on this: Constant lights are for seeing, blinking lights are for being seen. My red rear light? Always blinking. My front light is a different story. Up until recently, I was making a decision about how much I needed light to see the road to decide if my light should be set to constant or blinking. If it was still twilight and I could see fine, but worried about being seen or if I was comfortable with the amount of light coming from the street lights, I would have it blink. But if it were dark and I had trouble seeing the road, I would set it to constant, and actually angle it down towards the road a bit.

Of course, none of that matters for me any more because I purchased a new head lamp and mounted it on my helmet. This light is my constant light used for seeing because it is much more powerful (my old light is kinda wimpy) and because it shines wherever I look. I still use my old light, but I always have it on blink mode and just try to ignore it on my handle bars. That gives me the best of both worlds.

So which do you use? Blinking or constant?