Holiday Commuting

Like many other unfortunate souls out there, I do not get President's day off of work. Actually I only get 4 holidays, Independence Day, Thankgiving, Xmas and New Years Day. The one good thing about working on holidays is the commute. On holidays, the traffic level is incredibly low and the public transit systems are mostly empty.

In my morning commute I cross through an intersection that is always clogged with traffic heading to the Navy Hospital in Balboa Park. (This intersection is also at the bottom of a steep hill). Shortly after the intersection are two on ramps to the interstate (one to 5 south and the other to 5 north). Needless to say this .5 mile stretch of roadway is the most dangerous part of my commute which can lead to stress and excessive acceleration and deceleration (which wastes energy). Due to the holiday there was no traffic in the intersection and for the first time ever, I hit a green light at the bottom of the hill and did not have to come to a complete stop.

So my suggestion to those of you fortunate enough to get these random holidays off is to skip sleeping in and get out on your bike during the morning. It will not only make the start of your day great, it will also make us poor saps on our way to work feel better knowing that you didn't get to sleep in.