Back at it

Sorry for the long drought in posts, but I’m back. Back on my bike, back to work, back to posting.

Had the opportunity to take Monday off work so I spent the day getting my bike back from the shop and taking it for a ride. I did about a 20 mile trek home from REI, out to Mission Bay and back. Then when DW (dear wife) got home we went on another 7 mile loop.

As it turns out, I am not in as good of bike shape as I had thought. These two relatively short trips have left me saddle-sore with sore hamstrings to boot. I’m hoping to get a good 12-15 mile ride in on my way home today, but if not I’ll have to get up early tomorrow to do a 8-10 mile ride.

I’m trying to get my weekly mileage up around 60 plus any weekend riding I can get in. I’m currently doing between 42 and 50 and not riding on the weekends. My goal is to do my first century by the end of this year. (I’m shooting for September, look for info on that in the future.)

My big news, however, is the purchase of my first pair of cycling shoes. I was fortunate that the pair I liked was on clearance so I only paid $35. The pedals that came with my bike are combo platform/cleat so I did not have to buy new pedals either. I went with mountain bike style shoes that recess the cleat so that the shoe is both comfortable to walk in and the cleat gets less wear and tear from walking.

Riding in these shoes, there is a noticeable difference in power transfer and stability. Also, cycling shoes help prevent injury that can be caused by shoes not designed for cycling. All in all, I highly suggest investing in cycling shoes.

And remember to always wear your helmet.