Bad news

Almost like clockwork, the day I start a biking blog is the day that I need to take my bike into the shop. Somehow the cones in my front hub came loose and I think I lost a ball bearing or two. The tire was all over the place today. Unfortunately, I'm too busy to try tearing the thing apart, cleaning it and re-greasing it myself. On the positive side however, the repair is only $20. Of course it won't be ready until Sunday night so I'll have to rethink my commute.

Tomorrow I'm going to try skateboarding to the bus stop and taking the bus to the trolley. It is going to take longer than cycling, but I feel good about not driving my car. Besides, for the first time I'll be able to sit on the trolley and maybe get some reading done.

I took my bike in to the shop at REI where it was purchased. I haven't taken it to any other shops, but the guys there to pretty good work and they are quick with ideas on how to not have my bike in the shop all the time. (I got a great tip for putting bikes on city buses that I'll test out and post later.)