Weekend News

Well, the only bicycle news I have from the weekend is that we took in my wife's bike to get overhauled. They are going to pull the drivetrain, clean it up real good and adjust everything else to get it into good shape. We are also going to have them install some new pedals that she has been wanting (Shimano makes some great pedals that are platform on one side and have cleats on the other) since one of her pedals broke in the crash.

It is really a bummer having her off the bike since most of the riding I do on the weekends involves her coming along. However, she says she feels like she would be ok doing some shorter safe rides (no big hills) already, so we should be good to go once her bike is out of the shop.

The other news I have is that I will be on vacation from the 4th of July for two weeks. I may get up here and post about how much I wish I had a folding bike with me to ride around wherever we are, or maybe post some pictures, but don't expect all that much in the way of news during that time.

For those that are interested, we are taking a road trip with my in-laws. Spending some time in Zion National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, the farm where my great-grandmother lives, the town where her grandmother grew up, Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon. Should be a real blast, assuming we don't all kill each other from being in a car together for two weeks.

Anyway, I've just about hit the small two minute window where I have internet service while on the train so I need to make sure this is ready to post. Hope everyone has a great day.


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