I'm in the market for new cycling gloves. I know what features I want, but I'm *cough, cough* too lazy/busy to go find them.

Here is what I want. To start, all of the general safety and comfort features that seem to come standard with good gloves (good padding in the right places, etc.) I want three fabrics used: A thin spandexy, lycra-y fabric for the back of my hands, a leathery but breathable palm fabric to promote grip and an absorbent material to go around the thumbs to wipe sweat from my face. The two things I want that might make these gloves harder to find: bright colors and reflectivity. I want bright yellow or orange colored fabric on either the palm (preferable) or on the back of the hand so that my hand signals are as visible as the rest of my ridiculous (but safe) get up. My reasoning is the same for a reflective strip or panel but for nighttime visibility.

Can anyone find a pair that fits this criteria? Hopefully I'll get around to looking at some point soon because as you can see, the pair I'm using are in dire need of retirement.


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