There are several big lifestyle changes that happen when you start commuting by bicycle. How long it takes to get places, what you wear and even where you choose to go. All cyclocommuters know about these things (most drivers could figure them out too). There are many, many smaller differences between driving and cycling that can take awhile for people to pick up on. Today I came upon one of them.


As a driver the one thing that I never had to worry about was forgetting my keys. I couldn't go anywhere without them. I would even put my keys with the things I needed to remember to take with me. I would leave my keys with a water bottle, a book to loan to a friend, something I needed to return to the store, anything. Since I don't need my keys to start my bicycle, I've found that they can be a lot easier to forget.

I should point out here that this revelation came not from a personal experience but rather from the meandering thoughts of one on a bicycle. (I didn't leave my keys somewhere, I just thought about how easy it is to do so.)

What I have done to make this less likely is I have a second "bike" set of keys. These keys live in either my backpack or handlebar trunk (depending on which I'm using). This small key ring has keys to my apartment and the key to my office (since I ride to work 90% of the time). The key ring itself is one with a clip and a retractable pull cord with a light. The light is useful for digging around in my trunk and the pull cord is great for being able to use the keys even if they are clipped into my bag.

How do you deal with keeping your keys with you?


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