Kidical Mass - Wrap Up

Wow, what a weekend! I'm only just now getting around to writing about Kidical Mass. On Saturday we went an picked up all the new bike stuff we ordered from REI including my new gloves! My hands are much happier now. On Sunday we went and picked up my 5 year old twin cousins and took them to the zoo and then had dinner with their parents (my uncle and aunt) that night.

Kidical Mass was a blast. In all there were about 45-ish people (I didn't count, but you can tell by the pictures in my last post). Lots and lots of trailers, one tow behind tandem and a few kids riding their own bikes. Everyone was super friendly and the route was nice and easy. The traffic did a good job of not giving us trouble and whoever was picking a route did a good job keeping us out of traffic.

My wife, (who refuses to ride a critical mass) had a ton of fun as well. Probably more than I did. She was almost as excited as the kids about the ice cream shop that the ride ended at (she's so cute!).

Oh and I guess I should mention The Daily Scoop where the ride ended. Fantastic little ice cream and cupcake shop in South Park. A number of unexpected flavors of ice cream (which I unfortunately cannot recall) and a small little shop with locally produced clothes and jewelry.

If I had to find one problem with the ride, it would only be that far too many of the adults chose not to wear helmets. I understand that it is not illegal and that it is their choice (even if I find it to be a poor choice), but I would hope that they could suck it up for 2 hours once a month to set a good example for the kids riding (for whom it is illegal to ride without a helmet).

All in all, however, it was a wonderful time and I can't wait until next month's ride!

-Matt the Weatherman

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