Santa Fe Sharrows

Been tooling around Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last day or so and at no other stop on this trip have I wished I had bicycle more than here. The city seems very bicycle friendly (and there are plenty of bikes locked up downtown to prove that point.)

When driving around the capitol building today we noticed a road marking that intrigued us:
To the best we could figure, it was a road marking meaning "Share the Road." (This was based on the fact that next to each one was a street sign stating "Share the Road")

Got back to the room and found this on the web.

Turns out that they started putting these markings down on in 2005. They are everywhere the lanes aren't wide enough to add bike lanes.

I have to admit, from a driving perspective, these marks work great. Once we realized that we were allowed to be in the lane (we weren't sure at first) they really seemed to keep the possibility of cyclists in the front of your mind. They even jump to the middle lane when the right lane becomes a turning lane so that drivers can expect cyclists to move over.

I am officially a big fan of Sharrows.


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